Top 5 Forex Blogs For Newbie Traders

If you’re looking for a forex blog, the New York Times is a great choice. With the help of financial journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, the financial website offers insightful commentary and forex news. The blog has gained in popularity and attracted influential financial market personalities. In addition to its forex news, the NYT also publishes forecasts and analysis of the FX market. Despite its limited experience, the site is a dependable source of information for traders and investors.

The Trading Heroes blog has a simple but informative theme. The articles are not heavy, and Hugh Kimura, an independent trader and trading performance coach, breaks down the big forex concepts in a way that is easy to digest. The content on Trading Heroes is written in a bullet format and focuses primarily on Forex, though it occasionally includes articles on cryptocurrencies. The blog also features guest writers, videos, and exercises to help traders improve their skills.

Aside from forex news, this website features analysis of popular currency pairs. It also provides commentary on recent economic news and offers opinions on the fundamental changes in currency values. The site also features real-time currency value charts. It is a good option for newcomers to the Forex market. It provides daily and weekly market analysis, currency trading news, and forex education. For more advanced traders, the site also features a live Forex trading forum. It also offers free tutorials for newcomers and offers regular webinars for experienced traders.

Another great forex blog is Forex 4 Noobs. The authors offer extensive insights into forex trading and provide valuable resources for new traders. The authors of the Forex 4 Noobs blog also tout their no-hype content. They offer practical advice and advocate price action trading. This blog also includes a curated section of articles on forex education. For newbies, Forex 4 Noobs offers the perfect combination of practical advice, forex education, and forex news.

Trading with Rayner has a simple and elegant design that makes it easy to navigate. The site is packed with detailed articles on various aspects of trading, from general technical analysis to price action. It is written in a casual, accessible way, making it ideal for new traders. A short introduction to the market can be found here, as well as tutorials. The format of this blog is perfect for beginners and advanced traders alike. The design is clean, and readers can expect to receive updates on a daily basis.

Another great forex blog is Nial Fuller’s. The author of this blog shares his expertise in forex trading. Nial’s daily posts include comments from the market and analysis of trades. Using the insights of this site can help an aspiring trader make the most of the opportunities in the forex market. Learning how to price action trading works is a vital aspect of forex trading. And by following these guidelines, you can increase your profits in no time.

If you’re interested in the stock market, you’ll want to bookmark the Top 100 Forex Blogs List. Mike’s posts are often informative and relevant, so bookmark it today. And don’t forget to subscribe to his RSS feed to stay updated with the latest updates. You won’t regret it. And the list will only get better as time passes. With so many great forex blogs on the internet, it’s hard to know which ones to subscribe to. You’ll find the best blogs by following the advice of professionals.

For those looking for more information on trading in the foreign currency markets, is an excellent source. It offers intensive analysis of the Forex market, including overnight bulletins. Larry Greenberg, the founder of, also writes a periodic blog about the latest trends. His insights on currency trading are especially valuable for those new to the industry. The site also offers useful information on risk management techniques and which trading software and tools work best.

The site features a wealth of educational material, such as articles and videos. The site also includes a learning center with trainings and articles for forex beginners. A forum for forex traders helps traders exchange information, answer questions, and learn about trading in general. The site is updated regularly with articles on the various trading platforms. The content of the website is varied and can be useful for traders of all skill levels. Once you’ve discovered which broker to choose, you can start trading in the foreign currency market.