The Best Forex Blogs for Investing in the FOREX Market

jHGQSop The Best Forex Blogs for Investing in the FOREX Market

Having a forex blog is an excellent way to stay on top of the latest news in the forex industry. It’s also a great place to get tips on trading.

Abnormal Returns

Investing in the FOREX market has become more difficult with the advent of high-frequency trading. This makes it harder to find arbitrage opportunities. However, some traders have found successful strategies exploiting detectable price patterns. These patterns are of interest to academics studying market efficiency and practitioners interested in profitable trading strategies.

Abnormal returns are abnormal profits generated by a security or portfolio over a certain period of time. They can occur in either a positive or negative direction. Abnormal returns are important in determining the risk-adjusted performance of a security. They can be produced by external events such as mergers and acquisitions, lawsuits, or company scandals.


Benzinga is a laudable company that has made a name for itself churning out a myriad of articles on the forex trade. The company’s foray into the foreign exchange market is hardly surprising considering its reputation for producing some of the highest quality content in the industry. It also helps that the company is run by a slew of tech-savvy execs whose main priority is to get out of the building as soon as possible.

MarketPulse is a plethora of forex related content ranging from the hulking beasts to the humanoids aplenty. The site is chock full of the latest and greatest in forex technology, trading tools, forex strategies and forex trends. One of the biggest challenges that I’ve had to deal with over the years was finding a reliable source of forex related content that was actually useful. The site has managed to achieve that feat, with content from several reputable providers.


Among the many blogs, sites, and portals that are a part of the forex trading community, DailyFX stands out. This site provides in-depth coverage of the price action, the latest developments in the economics world, and analysis of important currency and commodity markets. Its website features a robust economic calendar, real-time forex quotes, annotated charts, and a vibrant online discussion forum. Moreover, the site also boasts of a number of other features, such as the ability to sort through its archives by country, and a free, high-quality economic calendar.


Founded in 2000, FXStreet is one of the most reliable sources of information for currency traders. The site offers a comprehensive collection of tools and resources to help traders make more informed decisions. It also offers a mobile version of its website that works on both Android and iOS. The site also offers a number of informative webinars.

The FXStreet website is accompanied by a mobile app that offers real-time market analysis and charts, including charts for stocks, currencies, and crypto. The app also features a calendar that provides useful information such as the day’s most important events, such as key economic announcements.


Reuters forex blog is a resource for the forex community. It provides news and analysis for the markets. It provides trading metrics and trading history. It also offers links to other sources of economic and market information.

The dollar is trading at its two-decade high. The euro is falling below dollar parity and the pound has crashed to an all-time low. These movements are caused by a flurry of cross-border M&A deals and are driving more foreign exchange transactions. The yen has also been propped up by Japanese monetary intervention.


Using a forex blog is a great way to gain exposure and traffic. These sites provide an assortment of content for any forex enthusiast. Some of them are free while others cost a small fee. Choosing a site for your needs is a decision that will have a long-term impact on your trading career. Here are the most popular and relevant forex blogs.

The Forex News Website provides a comprehensive analysis of the global capital markets. Their blog and articles cover institutional strategies, market commentary, and the latest news. The site also features a plethora of useful tools and resources.


Whether you’re looking for trading tips or financial news, you can find it all here on the Earn2Trade forex blog. This is one of the most widely read financial blogs in the world. It contains news and recommendations for new traders as well as technical and fundamental analyses.

Earn2Trade offers various trading programs to help novice traders gain experience and become professional traders. They also provide a variety of educational materials, including webinar courses and personalized education programs.


Whether you are a novice or an expert trader, MyTradingHub forex blog can offer you the information you need to make your trading experience a success. It provides articles, tips, lessons, and strategies that will help you improve your trading skills.

The website also has a learning center which teaches you about the basics of forex trading, and provides an overview of some of the best trading tools available. It also has a forum where you can ask questions, share experiences, and get advice from other traders.