Loan Modification Process

Since the situation involves the possibility that you may even end up losing your home, the loan modification process becomes even more complex. Understand, beforehand what the process involves, so that you are ready when the actual process begins. Here is a stepwise process.

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Prepare all financial documents :

Once we have decided which is the best loan modification route to be taken in your case, we will require the following information:

  • Proof of income : It can be W2’s, pay stubs, rental agreements or bank statements
  • Hardship letter : It should explain what hardship scenario you have undergone to apply for loan modification. Hardship can be any of the given scenario like Loss of Job, Reduced Income, Death of family member, Incarceration, Failed Business, Job Relocation, Marital Separation, Damage to property (Natural Disaster or Unnatural), Military Duty, Medical Bills.
  • Most recent mortgage statement
  • 4 months of bank statements
  • 2007 w2’s
  • Tax returns for last two years, the first 2 pages only, form 1040
  • Monthly Expense Sheet : all expenses even if you are not paying them: including utilities, food, mortgage payments

Negotiataion :
We will need the financial paperwork to make a negotiation package for your lender. The process can take upto 45 days, depending on how fast you provide us the complete information. After careful analysis of your case we will submit the proposal to your lender. Here the negotiation process starts and continues till we reach an acceptable agreement between you the Home Owner and lender,


Approval :

Once the negotations reach final stage, final modification documentation is sent across to you for your approval.  We negotiate that you have at least 2 or more months before your loan modification is applicable. This will help ypou to save two months of payment before you start the new payment schedule.

The whole process might seem complex to you, however with our competent team of lawyers, we will make sure that the loan modification process is as smooth and painless as possible. Our endeavor is that , our clients have successfully retained their dream homes and the lenders have also retained their customers for a long term.

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