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  • Are you facing the foreclosures?
  • Is your mortgage rate increasing?
  • Is your home worth less than your mortgage?
  • Are you having challenges making your mortgage payments?

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Understanding Loan Modification

Loan Modification is a method to restructure the terms of your existing mortgage so that your payment can become affordable and comfortably fits into your budget. Loan Modification is an effective way of dealing with loan default in a situation of financial doldrums and/or economic crisis.

How Loan Modification can benefit you?

Loan Modification provides you quite effective solutions regarding your loan payment, thus reducing the ever mounting pressure of loan repayments. Its benefits for any borrower are many folds,

  • Loan Modifications results in lower monthly payments
  • Brings down your interest rate
  • Fixes your adjustable rate
  • Reduces your loan balance
  • Waive negatively accrued interest
  • Gets you extensions on payments
  • Re-amortize loan to include past due payments
Why Use Service Loan Modification?

We understand the hardship that homeowners face while dealing with issues related to loan payments. It is where we come for your assistance. Lenders do not make it easy for any homeowner. They will always work for favorable and satisfied loan terms. Many homeowners failed to reach a reasonable settlement of rates and terms with their lenders. Most are able to settle the forbearance agreement or short-term plan but rarely a long term reduction plan. That’s where we come as negotiators to help you in avoiding foreclosure and reduce all your financial stress.

Before attempting to negotiate with lenders by yourself, you need to consider following facts.
  • Lenders are difficult for two main reasons: First, you get different answers from different service representatives every time you contact your lender; and second, they are not set up to help you unless you already know exactly what you want. To get the best loan modification deal, you need to provide your financial statements to prove your hardship case. You need to understand lender’s (investor’s) mind, their terms and languages when reviewing your hardship.
  • You are already in stress. You don’t need further distress to work with lenders. You need a professional negotiator who knows other parties, is aware of their terms, understands their language and is rich in negotiation skills to work for you for your best interest and provide you different options of choices.
  • It saves you time, energy and money. If you’re already facing foreclosure, you can’t afford to waste time. You need to save your energy to focus on recovering your financial stress. You are in financial hardship, so you want to save money. You want to work with a DRE based loan modification company with its fiduciary duty for you.
  • You need a complete solution to stop foreclosures. Loan modification is not the only option you have. You need other options if loan modification does not work for you. You need the real estate service and legal agents to help you doing short sale or deed and lieu, to avoid foreclosures which can extremely damage your credit and maybe further your employment records.
At Service Loan Modification, we have years of experience with loan modification, loss litigation and home retention issues and possess a very high degree of professionalism. We employ a competent team of Attorneys, Loss Mitigation Specialists, Mortgage Consultants, Real Estate Brokers, and Appraisers to offer a solution for your existing hardships. As Loan Modification services company- we have built a long term relationship with lenders. We know all lenders we have been working with and maintain good contacts to the loan modification or loss mitigation departments. We work along with our clients and the investors (lenders) continuously and try to get hold of a deal where none of them lose. We hear to both the parties and then negotiate for the profit of both with no other added interest.

This commitment to our services put forward to our clients has given us a stunning success rate of over 95% i.e. 95% of the cases that we have taken up till date have turned into successful loan modification deals. The end results are that, the clients have successfully retained their dream homes and the lenders have also retained their customers for a long term and have been realizing the profits out of the continuous streams of interest earnings coming from the monthly payments.

Our experts make the whole process real easy for you, saving you a lot of time, money and most of all stress. Our approach is customized, for every individual. Our thorough analysis will offer you many options to solve your financial crisis, and we will assist you in choosing the best for you.

Stay in your home… It was your dream… Do not let it go in the clutches of foreclosure… We are there to help you!