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Choosing a strategy depending on your initial capital

Every trader acts within a boundary of money he has at his disposal. It isn't rare when ones who trade successfully and earned big amount of money were starting with a small initial capital. Not only the capital is important, but the strategy you will choose. Practical advice on choosing trading strategies you can find at

If you start with relatively small deposit (about 100-200$), you should prefer conservative trading approaches. Conclude careful feals, don't risk a significant amount of money and steadily grow your capital. But some traders prefer to use scalping strategy to gain more profit in short period of time.

If your initial sum is measured in several thousand dollars, different methods of automated trading could be productive. Such amount of many will give them enough space to manoeuvre to get profit at the end.

If the capital at your disposal is measured with several tenths of thousands, you will have the widest choice of trading strategies. Pay more attention to long-term deals, allocating some money especially for them.